Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Goal for 2014 is to Provide 1300 Hours of Watercraft Inspection / Education and raise $20,000

The Long Lake Area Association Foundation fund drive which kicked off at the LLAA Annual Meeting in July 2013 will help fund the watercraft inspection / education program for 2014 and also help protect and preserve Long Lake and its environs. There are 5 Giving Levels in the present fund drive; Guardian $1000 +, Benefactor $500 - $999, Advocate $250 - $499, Supporter $50 - $249, and Friend - Up to $49. Our contributors will be recognized on the LLAA Foundation website. Donors may opt out of recognition. The LLAA Foundation appreciates all contributions, whether part of the fund drive, Memorials, or Gifts of Honor. Long Lake is the beneficiary of your generosity. To date $5500 has been raised for our 2014 goal of $20,000. Thank you!