Current Donor Recognition

Last Updated 3/10/2023 for the Current Fund Drive July 2022 through June 2023:

This is the list of donors, by giving level, who responded to the current Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Foundation Fund Drive for July 2022 through June 2023 and who gave us permission to list their names on the website.  There are MANY other Families who have donated also but prefer to remain "Anonymous".

We appreciate and thank ALL of you who have gifted the Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Foundation in this and other earlier Fund Drives!

Guardian ($1000+):
Robert & Diana Carter
Lowell & Georgia Innes
Randy & Debbie Nehring
Jim & MaryDale Hansen
Bob & Anne Pyle
John & Joyce Hansell Family - Hansell Family Tree
Sharon & Bob Natzel - Lais / Natzel Christmas Gift
Bob & Sam Oliver - Hansell Family Tree

Benefactor ($500 - $999):
Karen Zaun
Frederick & Margaret Rickers
Deb & David Knopman
Ken & Marcia Retzer
Tom & Mary Ann Waterman

Advocate ($250 - $499):
Dante & Jaimie Beretta
Larry & Barb Roberts
Caren and Jeffrey Martin
Jack & Joy Derr
Chuck & Becky Folkestad
Dennis and Mary Dahlen
Ed & Phyllis Hansell - Hansell Family Tree
Jim Schell

Supporter ($50 - $249):
Mike & Margaret Ryan
The Aamoth's
Larry & Linda Heikkinen
Mark Anderson
Janet Macy Benest
Lori Hendrickx
Juliar / Betlach
Mark & Barb Wieland
Jim and Linda Blodgett
Mike & Michele Honek
Barb & Bob Boyd
Ben & Karla Cachiaras
Linda Johnson
Sonja & Rich Clapp
Casey & Mary Whelan
Mark & Cathy Comeaux
David & Betty Larson
A. DeMarce
Joanne Torfin
Lindsey & Mike DiFiore
JoAnn Manlove
Vicki Emerson
David & Kay Faber
Keith & Diane Manlove
The Flenners
John R. Nelson
Shirley Freeman
Kenneth Peterson
Molly & Greg Sebold
Paul Faber
Steve & Cheryl Sypal
Brian & Rojean Sweeney
Eileen Thomas
John and Terri Viner
Bud & Jo Riemenschneider
Terry & Ginny Hancock
Pam & Michael Petersen
Anderson Family
Charlie & Wendy Garr
Keith Snyder
Jeff Bauer

Friend ($49 or Below):
Barry & Ruth Huisinga
Eric Haugland

Plus Many Anonymous Donors at ALL Levels of Giving!